Two Day Town Performer History

aka Who Played When

M = Main Stage;   A = Amphitheater Stage;   C = Cafe Stage;   F = Family Activities Area Stage

Chris AhlmanC               
Alder Creek  CA            
  with Steve Kritzer in 2013
Alhambra Valley Band            MMM 
 With Lisa-Marie Johnston in 2012
Bar Fight  M             
Big Breakfast   M      MM    
 Big Breakfast shares several band members with El Desayuno
Big Sticky MessMMM             
Blackwood Harvest C              
Blind Dog              MM
Blue Moon Brothers  MA            
Blue on Green       M        
Blue Sun               M
Bones~Quigley Band  CAA           
 Jack Quigley solo in 2015
BoSco Duo C              
Keith Brown Band        MM      
BuddhaHounds MM      MMMMMMM
Don Burnham & the BolosMMMMM           
Clay Burton Band              MM
Butterfield Brothers & Friends      MAM  MMMMM
 A variation of the band played as Legends of Martinez in 2006
California Honeydrops     M          
Camp Town Spirit               M
Dennis Campagna      A         
Carries Kids Chorus               M
Jim Caroompas         M   M  
Kyle CastellaniC               
Choose Your Own AdventureMC              
Climate  M             
Coconut Monkey           MM   
Comfort Creature C              
Crawdad RepublicMMMC            
The Creak M              
Diablo Riders AA   MA M MMMM 
Delta Vee          M     
The DrinkingMCC             
 Variation of Tree Head
Easy Way Out              M 
 Led by Lost Cats bandleader Jim Passard
Edge Of Town     MM         
 Scheduled to play the Amphitheater Stage in 2009 but dropped out due to illness
El Desayuno M  MMMMMM      
 El Desayuno shares several band members with Big Breakfast
Lou Eldredge Band              MM
David Eugene        M       
 David played with Big Breakfast in 2006
Extended Roots       M  MM    
F Street StompersMM              
Faldo's Toy         M M    
Steve FariaCC C  A         
Devon Ferrucci               M
 Devon played with Velocet in 2002
Michael Ferrucci & (Fretted) FriendsMMAMMMMMMMM     
 Michael is Two Day Town Mayor and Master of Ceremonies (among other things)
Foggy Mountain Jam               M
Free Beer              M 
 A variation of The Brad Petersen Band
The Front Porch   M            
Georgi and The Rough Week   M            
Groove DragonMM              
Wolf Hamlin A              
Wolf Hamlin & The Front Porch Drifters  M             
Chris K. HeadCA              
Hopeful Romantics    MM          
Hot Buttered Rum String Band             M  
Huck Twoee and the Phlemtones  C              
Indigo Caravan A              
 Roy is the proprietor of Armando's music room in Martinez. Several TDT performers have played there. You should go.
Joe College Band         M M    
 Scheduled to play in 2006 but had to bail out. A variation of the band played as Us & The Brotherhood in 2008.
Lisa-Marie JohnstonM MM            
 Lisa-Marie played with The Bacchus Brothers in 2012
Jump In      MAM       
Roger KardinalA CAAA          
Patrick Kelley  Cx2C A         M
Patrick Kelley & Mark HolzingerC     MM MMMMMM 
 Mark leads and plays with Don Burnham and The Bolos
Khalida   M MM    MM   
Khalida and Yosifah             MM 
Kids Chorus M              
Hannah KileMM C            
Hannah Kile & Friends  M             
Debra Knox              MM
Debra Knox Band            M M 
Steve Kritzer & FriendsC               
Rich Lawson MusicMM              
Chris LebelMC C AA         
Chris Lebel & Friends  M             
Legends of Martinez          M     
 Variation of Butterfield Brothers & Friends
Mark & Cindy LemaireA               
Little Smoke M              
Liv Out Loud              M 
Livermore Youth               M
Living Water BandMMMMM  M MM MMMM
Loren "O"C               
Lost Prophets            MMMM
Lou Dog   M            
Mahbootay      MM        
Martinez Music Society              MM
Christie McCarthy               M
Michael McNevinM  MM           
Michael McNevin & The Spokes MM             
Midlife Chrysler       M MMMM   
The MundazeMMMMMMMMM MM    
Natures Law      M         
Night Harvest w/ Jim HurleyM M             
The Nite Risers   M            
Normal Like You            MMM 
Redmond O'ColoniesA               
Of Shape and Sound    MMMMM M      
Off the Record    AMMM        
Outside CatzC               
Papa's Garage       M        
Jim Passard Experiment             M M
Robert Perry Experience          M MM  
Art Peterson & The Polka Cowboys        M       
Brad Petersen & FriendsM       M       
Brad Petersen Band     MMM MMMMM M
Pladdohg   MM   M       
Political Plum    MMM         
The Program              M 
Quicksand Marching Band  C             
Jack QuigleyAC              
 Bones~Quigley '12, '13, '14
Lynn Quin & The Safety Pins    MMA    M    
Red Rick & FriendsM               
Redwing Bluegrass Band       M        
Richie B. & the Music Fiends!! C              
Greg Richmond & The Other Guys          M MM  
Scientific Jam   F M A M M MMM
Shifting Sands             MM 
Sirens In Sanity           MMM  
Megan Slankard  M+CM            
Johnny Smith Group     M          
Speak Friend    M           
Suzanna Spring & The South Livermore Boys Club  M             
Suzanna Spring & The Surly Jackasses M              
Stay Tuned          MMM   
Straight Ahead  MMMAM MM M MMM
Strung Over            M   
Swarley Seeds   M            
Tank Half Full  AMA           
Tanya Tarushka Trio      MAM       
Tree Head       M        
 Playing as The Drinking in 2013 & 2015
Tri-Pulse Drum Circle Ensemble   MMM          
Troupe Aspara           MMM  
Trout            M   
Two Pots Olga   C            
Two Steel Sixes    A           
Us And The Brotherhood        M       
Velocet              M 
Gary WalkerCACC            
Brian Walker & Friends  C             
Melody Walker    MM M   MMMMM
Way Blonde      A M       
Amanda West  A  A          
Whippoorwill    M           
The WhoaMM              
Jon Williams        M       
Yellow House Latin Jazz OrchestraM(reconfiguration of El Desayuno)         
Yosifah            M   
Total Acts - 139+/-39383735262727262020192527242725
Main Stage Acts24232223212222212020192527242725
Amphitheater Acts55555555 2009 was the first year for Amphitheater acts
Cafe Stage Acts1010107????????????
Several others have performed at the Cafe & Family Activities Area over the years, but info is sketchy. Any help is appreciated.
Help fill in the gaps!This is a work in progress. The information was collected from a variety of sources and there are probably some errors and omissions that need fixing, particularly from the earlier years. Send comments via email to tdt webmeister.