Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 24 - 26, 2015
Lake Del Valle Regional Park, Ohlone Wilderness
Livermore, California, Earth

2015 Stocking Stuffer Ticket Sale
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Make someone's day by gifting them Weekend Passes for Two Day Town 2015. This is a real bargain, and the sale only lasts until December 25th. After December 25th passes will be sold at our regular pre-event pricing of $10 off gate cost. Click the link to visit the Tickets page for more information.

Thinking About Volunteering?
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We will start filling volunteer positions at the Not Valentines Day Volunteer Party in February. In the meantime, visit the Volunteer! page for information about the positions we will need filled. Sorry, but we are not taking any early requests.

What Is Two Day Town?

Two Day Town is a family oriented camping and community music event held each year during the last full weekend of April at Lake Del Valle Regional Park, with an emphasis on East Bay social family ties. This beautiful park, nestled in the hills South of Livermore, abuts the Ohlone Wilderness and provides a serene environment for getting away from the hustle of everyday life.

We offer three days of live, on stage music with live-mixed professional quality sound, uncountable impromptu jam sessions among the hundreds of musicians, tent & RV camping either on the Two Day Town site or in the adjacent regional park campground, a staffed creative activity area for kids, and a cafe for those that don't want to prepare their own meals.

Two Day Town provides an opportunity for people to strengthen long term relationships in an inviting setting, and to simply relax and enjoy the people, music and activities.

As a group, our purpose is to take responsibility for creating a better world in our little space, one weekend at a time. We maintain a Leave-No-Trace philosophy and we leave the park in better condition than we find it.

Two Day Town Map
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Two Day Town map by Kelli Pearson