Scheduled Performers for 2015

Main Stage music starts around 5pm Friday, ending Sunday around 4pm.
Amphitheater Stage music happens during Saturday Naptime, at the public campground amphitheater.

As always, everything is subject to change, some things already did, and some will again.
All links to performer websites will open new browser windows or tabs.

Main Stage Performers
Friday, April 24
Saturday, April 25
Saturday, April 25
Sunday, April 26

Little Smoke

F Street Stompers

Suzanna Spring & The Surly Jackasses

Rich Lawson Music

Big Sticky Mess

The Mundaze

Hannah Kile

The Whoa

The Buddhahounds

Michael McNevin
& The Spokes

Roy Jeans

Fretted Friends

Free Prize Give-Away

Groove Dragon

Crawdad Republic

El Desayuno

Bacchus Brothers

Living Water Band


Kids Chorus

The Creak

The Lost Cats

Don Burnham & The Bolos


Cafe, Amphitheater, & Family Activities Stage Performers
Lesley's Lakeside Cafe Stage
Saturday Morning                      Sunday Morning
Amphitheater Stage
Saturday Afternoon

Steve Faria

Corneal D and the Dudes

Chris Lebel

Blackwood Harvest

The Drinking

Richie B. & the Music FIENDS!!

Jack Quigley

Comfort Creature

BoSco Duo

Huck Twoee and the Phlemtones

Indigo Caravan

Gary Walker

Tank Half Full

Diablo Riders

Wolf Hamlin

Other Stuff Going On At Two Day Town
!! Please Note !! The list below is stuff that we have mostly done year after year, and some of it is not yet confirmed for 2015.
We'll probably do it all again, but some things might change.
Thursday Saturday Sunday

Thursday access is available for our Volunteers. We welcome them to join us and lend a hand putting the infrastructure of Two Day Town in place before we open to everyone on Friday. We have some scheduled volunteer tasks that have to happen on Thursday, so there's also opportunity to take early work shifts and free up more leisure time for the weekend. We'll happily find something for you to help with. After all, you wouldn't be here now unless you were planning on helping out.

Morning Yoga with Betsy Cozart
9-10am on the beach

Gospel Music Workshop
9-10am at Schoolhouse Flats

Wildlife Walk with Doc Hale
Meet at Main Stage by 10am

Family Stuff at the Family Activity Area
10:30am - 3pm

Massage Town - check schedule on site

Mountain Bike Tour with Bob Knight
Meet at RV lot entrance at 2pm

Free Prize Give-Away - Fill out your entry at 6pm at the Main Stage

Campfire Jams

Morning Yoga with Betsy Cozart
10-11am on the beach

Sunday Gospel Gathering
9-10am at School House Flats

Wildlife Walk with Doc Hale
Meet at Main Stage by 10am

Family Stuff at the Family Activity Area
11am - 3pm

Massage Town - check schedule on site

Volunteer Sleep-Over (Volunteers may stay over Sunday night if they wish)


Campfire Jams
Performer list if confirmed for 2015, and we'll be posting more info in February.

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