Scheduled Performers for 2018

Main Stage music starts ~5pm Friday; Sunday music ends ~4pm.
Amphitheater Stage music happens Saturday 3-6pm (aka Nap Time) at the public campground amphitheater.

As always; everything is subject to change, some things already did, and more will later.
All links to performer websites will open new browser windows or tabs.

Main Stage Performers
Click the dates for that section on this page; click the artist links for their webs.
Friday, April 27
Saturday, April 28
Saturday, April 28
Sunday, April 29

Truth Without Fear

Meredith, Meshach, & Friends

MC & The Hammers

Big Sticky Mess


Crawdad Republic

The Shop

The Whoa

Wolf Hamlin &
The Front Porch Drifters

Michael McNevin
& The Spokes

Hannah Jane Kile

Roy Jeans

Yellow House Orchestra

Brad Petersen & Friends

Bacchus Brothers

Attik Door

The Mundaze

Living Water Band

Django Mack

The Lost Cats


Night Harvest


Cafe & Amphitheater Stage Performers
Lakeside Cafe Stage
Saturday Morning                          Sunday Morning
Amphitheater Stage
Saturday Afternoon

The Drinking

Jasmine Bailey

The Midnites

Tammy Byerly

Just Adventure

Diablo Rhythm Wranglers

Frankie Bones Project

Chris Ahlman

Meshach Jackson


Outside Katz

Jack Quigley

F Street Stompers

Straight Ahead Bluegrass Band
Other Stuff Going On At Two Day Town
(New workshop sessions in 2018! Info coming soon!)
!! Please Note !! The list below is stuff that we have mostly done year after year, and some of it is not yet confirmed for 2018.
We'll probably do it all again, but some things might change. Check in at the info booth for updates.
Thursday Saturday Sunday

Thursday access is available for our Volunteers. We welcome them to join us and lend a hand putting the infrastructure of Two Day Town in place before we open to everyone on Friday. We have some scheduled volunteer tasks that have to happen on Thursday, so there's also opportunity to take early work shifts and free up more leisure time for the weekend. We'll happily find something for you to help with. After all, you wouldn't be here now unless you were planning on helping out.

Morning Yoga with Betsy Cozart
9-10am on the beach

Gospel Music Workshop
9-10am at Schoolhouse Flats

Wildlife Walk with Doc Hale
Meet at Main Stage by 10am

Family Stuff at the Family Activity Area
10:30am - 3pm

Massage Town - check schedule on site

Mountain Bike Tour with Bob Knight
Meet at RV lot entrance at 2pm

Free Prize Give-Away - Fill out your entry at 6pm at the Main Stage

Campfire Jams

Morning Yoga with Betsy Cozart
10-11am on the beach

Sunday Gospel Gathering
9-10am at School House Flats

Wildlife Walk with Doc Hale
Meet at Main Stage by 10am

Family Stuff at the Family Activity Area
11am - 3pm

Massage Town - check schedule on site

Volunteer Sleep-Over (Volunteers may stay over Sunday night if they wish)


Tri-Pulse Drum Parade prior to stage music
(Saturday & Sunday also!)
Tri-Pulse will have drumming stuff going on in a tent (Camp Epic-Center!) above the Kid's Activity Area all weekend. Stop by and check them out!

Campfire Jams

2017 Performer Info

(YES, THAT'S CORRECT... This is still the 2017 version, give me another week...)

(2017)Friday Evening Main Stage

Music starts at about 5:00 PM


Americana / Jam / Psychedelic

Spidermeow on bandcamp
Spidermeow on youtube
Quoting East Bay Express: "Oakland's premier psychedelic alt-country power trio. Combining roots conciousness with art-damaged experimentalism. Spidermeow makes weird, interesting, experimental music, with elements that are both folksy and psychedelic. Groove-heavy, with excellent vocals and moments of country twang, Spidermeow is a throwback to the golden age of the California music scene.“
Just Adventure

Rock / Blues

Just Adventure on facebook
You'll be on your feet when this band of best friends breaks out its bluesy rock power melodies.
Blue Voodoo

Power Blues
Blue Voodoo's four musicians describe their sound as power blues or, put another way, progressive modern music that rocks the heart with blues undertones. "The sum is greater than the parts." From swampy blues to western rock, this is not your typical slow tempo blues band.
Plastic Paddy

Country / Rock Celtic Pub
New to Two Day Town, this East Bay band plays original and classic Celtic pub tunes with a country/rock flavor. "We love to have fun and love the music even more when the audience has fun, too!" With a little luck, the band will have their debut CD released in time to take them home with you!
The Mundaze

Pop Funk Rock
The Mundaze on facebook
Get your funk on with these TDT favorites! The Mundaze explode on stage with their original retro pop soul sounds, top-shelf vocals, bitchin' guitars and funky grooves. After having this band on our stage for a decade, Two Day Town would not be Two Day Town without The Mundaze.
Wolf Hamlin & The
Front Porch Drifters

Americana / Southern Rock
Frontman Wolf commands the stage with his powerful Southern and country rock voice but the incredibly tight Front Proch Drifters nearly steal the show with their powerful sound. You don't want to miss this performance!

That's it for Friday's Main Stage, but there will be music all over Two Day Town through the evening.
Wander around to the bonfire and other camps for an evening of jams.
The playing will continue late into the night but please remember that park rules require no drumming after 10 PM.

Saturday Morning Gospel Workshop

Meet at Schoolhouse Flats at 9:00
Join Reverend Terry Burley of Living Water Band for an informal Gospel Music workshop.
Come out and learn a couple of songs for Sunday's Gospel gathering!
Meet at Schoolhouse Flats picnic area near the fire pit at 9:00.

(2017)Saturday Morning at The Lakeside Cafe Stage

Marc Maynon

Folk Rock
Marc Maynon on youtube
Singer-songwriter Marc Maynon hails from Coney Island but has been in the Bay Area since age 4. Marc had an affinity for singing as a child, discovered the guitar at college, and shortly thereafter, developed his love for songwriting. His music has been described as having a vintage, natural, poetic style with a folk-rock vibe. One critic wrote, "Think Jim Croce storytelling, the melodies have a very natural progression."
Chris Ahlman

Pop / Folk / Rock
Sit back and enjoy this singer/songwriter's accoustic pop, folk and rock arrangements. The Contra Costa resident has three fully orchestrated albums but is currently playing mostly solo with just a guitar. Some of Chris' influences are Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Counting Crows, and Neil Young.
Jack Quigley

Jack Quigley serves up a gumbo pot of acoustic musical styles including blues, gospel, spiritual, folk, country, rock, and bluegrass. Jack has become a regular on our stages, and will be joined by Howard Hastings on bass and Biff Schaefer on percussion.
Tammy Byerly

Pop / Rock / Folk
A Pleasanton native who gave up her CPA gig to pursue music full-time, Tammy will make your ears smile with her velvety voice, enchanting lyrics, and delicate guitar accompaniment.
Steve Faria &
Nadia McGuckin

Acoustic Things

Two Day Town favorite Steve Faria has joined Nadia McGuckin to play acoustic based tunes that include toe-tapping rhythms, engaging vocals and harmonies, heartfelt ballads and rocking up-tempo material.

(2017)Saturday Afternoon Main Stage

Music starts a wee bit before noon

Truth Without Fear

Power Trio - guitar/bass/kit

Truth Without Fear on facebook
If you were lucky enough to make it out to our February Fest Fundraiser at R-Place in Livermore you heard these guys kick it out. They've taken awards in three Battle of the Band competitions, and we'd like to give them one for supporting Two Day Town with a last minute fill-in! What they say... "Truth Without Fear is a power trio that plays original compositions and puts their own spin on classic jams. We play music all over the San Francisco Bay Area."
Rhythm Crew

Rockin' Blues & Classic Rock

Rhythm Crew on facebook
These folks also donated their talents for our February Fest, and we're happy to get them on our big stage. The Rhythm Crew plays the best of "Rockin' Blues" along with Classic Rock favorites. Their song list is designed to engage the audience to get on their feet and sing along. Rhythm Crew spans the generations and plays recognizable, relatable, party music. We have fun, it shows, and it's contagious!

New to Two Day Town, Charmas says its Celtic-fusion style evolved from its early days as a traditional Celtic folk band into a five-piece rock/pop band whose original comedy songs and ballads are a mix of modern lyrics and the occasional unconventional use of traditional intruments. Picture a Great Highland Bagpipes riffing a line originally performed with an electric guitar.
Big Sticky Mess

Hooks / Grooves / Beats
Best Band Name Ever. Seriously, this band's sound is waaaaay bigger than its three members. Described as a "kaleidoscopic mix of extraterrestrial hooks, vibrant grooves and potent beats," these three guys will knock your socks off. Their colorful costumes alone are worth the price of admission.

Jazz / Blues Improv
ABELsound is a funky, jazzy, bluesy improvisational trio featuring Brain Camara (drums), Lucien Smith (guitar), and Anthony Delaney (bass). Graciously instrumental (with occasional vocals), and deeply rooted in the East Bay vibe, ABELsound pours its own slow-simmered, improvisational, funky groove over anything from Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock to Pancho Sanchez and the Beatles. Come check out the new ABELsound!

(2017)Saturday Nap Time at the Amphitheater

Take a break! Relax and refresh yourself, or head to the Second Stage
at the public campground amphitheater for some fine unplugged music.

Nap Time!
3:00 - 6:00 PM
Right after our Main Stage afternoon music ends there will be acoustic music at the public campground amphitheater. The Nap Time session started out as a 'second stage' experiment several years ago and has become an integral part of Two Day Town. Take the paved path toward the main gate, follow it to the campground, then follow the signs to the amphitheater. It's about a 15 minute walk, or catch the shuttle from the peninsula between the parking lots (occasional round trips).
Chris LeBel

Top 40 / Classic Rock
Singer/songwriter Chris LeBel literally grew up at Two Day Town and look at him now! He's played all our stages twice and you don't want to miss his classic rock offerings. One day, you'll be saying you knew him when.
Rhyme & Reason

Americana & Blues, tinted

Rhyme & Reason on
Singer-songwriter Chris K. Head and mandolin player extraordinaire Steve Anderson offer a blend of original Americana / Blues, with a hint of jazz and country for sweetness and that extra tang... Having played venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, Chris & and Steve are seasoned performers that will compliment but not overwhelm your event. The duo has created an impressive song catalog which continues to grow. Stay tuned, as plans are underway to get back into the studio in 2017.
F Street Stompers

Updated Ragtime

F Street Stompers on
Drawing upon the bluesy roots of America's storied soundtrack, The F Street Stompers breathe new life into turn of the century tunes. They blend the syncopated rhythms and high-energy jigs of early 1900s ragtime with classic upbeat toe-tappers. Add a pinch of bluegrass, a dash of country, and a smidgen of gypsy for flavor, and you've got yourself a cocktail guaranteed to put a pep in your step!
Crawdad Republic

Newgrass. In Craw We Dad.
In Craw We Dad. What does that even mean? Who cares! These one-time children of Two Day Town have grown up to play a masterful "newgrass" sound with hand-in-glove harmonies, original lyrics that tap into their California lives and not-to-miss instrumentals. (Yes, you must find the shuttle bus and go to the Amphitheater.)

(2017)Saturday Evening Main Stage

Music starts around 6:00 PM

Roy Jeans

Armando's; Open To Music
As one of Two Day Town's erstwhile founders and owner of the fabulous Armando's music club in Martinez, Roy occupies this time slot on the Main Stage every year. What does he do? Whatever he wants!
The Shop


Founding Two Day Town Mayor Michael Ferrucci brings us some vintage and modern rock, country and soul. We actually sort of goofed and left Michael off the final performer list and were trying to figure out how to squeeze in one more band when we had a timely cancellation in a perfect time slot. We did a quick little shuffle and fixed our omission. Whew! We don't want the mayor upset with us.
Michael McNevin

Six time West Coast Songwriters Association "Song of the Year" winner, Michael sings stories like Mark Twain weaves tales. If hearing Michael once a year at Two Day Town isn't enough (and it isn't), check out his Mudpuddle Shop in historic Niles Canyon where he hosts concerts and as a bonus, displays his Etch A Sketch art.
Hannah Jane Kile

Performing with an openhearted sense of compassion and wonder, her voice soaring from an earthy blues swagger to an ethereal heart rending whisper, like a lullaby in a storm, she packs an emotional wallop. Eloquent, warm and wise in an innocent way, she has a comprehensive artistic vision, a vision that is as inspiring as it is engaging.
The Whoa

Alt Rock Reggae
Formed in Concord a few years back, The Whoa came about via open mics & studio sessions hosted by Jason Young. They are a collection of unlikely guys that perform mostly original songs that can be loosely characterized as alternate rock reggae fun. Jason's vocals and rhythm guitar are met with Dan Jordan's guitar leads defining The Whoa's sound. Back this with Anthony Harrington on drums, Chris Gomez on bass, & Mike Moretti on keys and The Whoa will light up the house all night.
Bacchus Brothers

Funk.  Unk.

bacchus bros. on cdbaby
It wouldn't be Two Day Town without the Bacchus Brothers, who actually did put the "unk" in "funk." (We know because we watch them do it every year!) Don't miss your chance to see the Bacchus Brothers work their magic on the Main Stage.

That's all for Saturday's stage, but there's plenty more music happening.
There will be jams all over Two Day Town at campsites and at the fire pit, for hours to come.
Remember that all drumming has to stop at 10 PM to comply with our agreement with park management.

Sunday Morning Gospel Gathering

Schoolhouse Flats Picnic Area at 9:00
Bring your voice and your acoustic instruments and join Reverend Terry Burley at Schoolhouse flats for an hour of rejoicing.

Sunday Gospel picture

(2017)Sunday Morning at The Lakeside Cafe Stage

Outside Katz

Roaring Folka

is this thing on?
Hide the children. Naughty music about mountain lions and other ramblings. Original and not so original Dad band leans heavily on obscure 60s & 70s finds (their formative years). You can find them on the internet as soon as they figure out how that thing works.

Pop / Rock / Blues
The three-piece KNR describes its sound as a mix of acoustic pop, rock, and blues along with top-notch vocal harmonies. Kevin, Nick, & Rob have been playing together in a variety of Livermore area bands for decades, and this combo grew out of one of their jam sessions. They perform a variety of old favorites mixed with original songs, with great harmonies.
The Drinking

Folk / Country

Outstanding Two Day Town citizen Matt Keebler describes his style as folk-country inspired progressions and songwriting. Join Matt as he delivers a lively set of original folk and country songs. So grab a cup at Matt's coffee bar, have a seat, take a sip, and just listen.

(2017)Sunday Afternoon Main Stage

Get yer buns on the grass by about 11

Andy Joe & The
Wine Country Band

Country Roots
Andy Joe Stewart is a signed Indie artist with Colt Records in Nashville but he's a Livermore boy and he's brought his hot little country band to Two Day Town. They had a #1 hit single in 2013, "Come Saturday Night," and their latest single, "Wine Country" is on the USA Country Roots chart.
The Lost Cats

Jazz / R&B
Jim Passard is one of the few that have played a stage at Two Day Town every year since the start. For many of those years Sunday afternoon has been the time to hear their superb smooth jazz interpretations from a very broad songbook. Be there to chill out on the lawn with Jim's smoky vocalizing and his band's exquisite musicianship.

Jazz / Rock / Samba has been the wrap up band at Two Day Town many times. Their music always seems to provide a perfect closing for us. Virtuoso guitarist Mark Holzinger, percussionist extraordinaire John Waller, and the exceptional bassist Justin Wilson describe their music as a contemporary blend of original funk, jazz, rock, and samba. Over the years we've heard those styles and everything from surf to psychedelic to theme songs, and you never know what other incredible talent they might recruit to join them on stage.

That's All Folks....Until Next Year
Please Remember - Leave No Trace, and please No Glass anywhere at Two Day Town!

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